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Safe & Fair Collateral Pawn Loans

Pawn Loans In Queens, Nassau and Suffolk

Pawn Loans In Queens, Nassau and Suffolk


Our team at The Gold Standard understands that for unique reasons, you may need fast cash without hassle. Get a safe, fast and discreet pawn loan with Long Island’s only high end collateral loan broker.  With the Gold Standard, you can exchange your jewelry, diamonds, watches, cars, motorcycles, gold and more for cash in a professional and welcoming environment without having to permanently part with your valuables. If you’re looking into a pawn shop loan for a fast, simple and secure way to receive immediate cash, you can rest assured knowing that our clients receive the same high level of customer service and commitment to ethical standards that earned us the title of #1 Pawn Shop by the Long Island Press for two consecutive years.

Collateral loans are an easy way to unlock the value in the assets you already own.  There are no credit checks or loan applications. If you’re looking to receive fast cash without the hassle of a bank call us today.  Every Gold Standard location offers the loans on all of the following items:

Gemologists and experts are waiting to evaluate your items and give you a cash loan immediately. The Gold Standard stores your items in a vaulted and secure location for the duration of your loan. Reclaiming your valuables is simple and easy after the full repayment of your loan plus interest.

The benefit and convenience of a collateral loan does not have to mean resorting to uncertain and unsafe terms and conditions. Your high standards should never be compromised or sacrificed, especially in regards to your finances. The Gold Standard offers truly professional and reliable service that is more of an experience than a mere transaction.

All Collateral Pawn Cash Loans come with:

• No Credit Check

• No lengthy application

• Low interest rates

• Option to extend your loan

• Vaulted storage with 24 hour surveillance


In accordance with New York State Law, The Gold Standard offers cash pawn loans for a 4-month term with the option to renew.  To renew your loan for another 4-month term simply pay any interest and fees accumulated for the original term and let us know you’d like to extend for an additional 4-months.  Your valuables will be held safely and securely until you’re ready to retrieve them.  To learn more about a fast cash pawn loan call us at 800-316-7060.