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Phone: (516) 324-2274
Address: 63-70 Woodhaven Blvd
Rego Park, NY 11374
Hours: Open 7 Days: 10AM – 6PM
Open Late Wednesdays.
Gold Buyer: YES | Pawn Broker: YES
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Rego Park Pawn Shop

If you think it’s hard to find Rego Park pawn shop, it’s not!  The Gold Standard Jewelry & Gold Buyers is located on the corner of Woodhaven Blvd. & 63rd Street.  We are not that far from Rego Park Shopping Center, so if you need to get a fast loan to go buy that perfect gift for your special someone, we are the best pawn shop for you! Or maybe like most of us, you have the bills creeping up on you and your paycheck just was not enough. Come visit our Rego Park location today, so we can help you out of a tight jam!

The Reliable Pawn Cash Loan Experts in Rego Park

Looking for a cash loan now with low interest rates and peace of mind that your items will be kept safe? If you are looking for pawn cash loans in Rego Park, NY there is no higher standard than The Gold Standard Jewelry & Gold Buyers of Rego Park. We take pride in giving the best pawn loans with a low interest rate of only 4% per month and first month free!  We understand the value of your items and their sentimental value. We insure all our items and write detailed descriptions with photographs of all your valuables at the time of the transaction. We understand that these items are precious to you and we take care of them by storing them at an off-site location in a secure temperature controlled vault.  Need cash now for any emergency? Take out a collateral loan with our extremely low interest rate. When you’re with us you’re family!

Our Pawn Shop in Rego Park, NY

  • We offer low interest rate of only 4% per month plus first month free!!!!
  • We write detailed descriptions of your items and take pictures of every item you pawn with us for your security
  • We store your items in a secure off-site location in a vault
  • We let you extend your loan for up to an entire year
  • We accommodate our customers and provide easy pick up at any of our 18 stores open seven days a week

 Pawn Shops Can Be Safe and Clean If You Go to The Right One!

The Gold Standard’s Rego Park pawn shop has very friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you get the amount in your loan that you were looking for.  No one wants to start their shopping day with a dark and uninviting pawn shop and you don’t have to!  Our pawn shop has a clean, well lighted and welcoming environment.  We take pride in giving our valued customers the best pawn shop experience ever.  You will not need to scream through bulletproof glass or worry that someone unwanted can walk through the front door.  We have the top of the line live feed security cameras and in order to enter our shop you need to be buzzed in.  We also have a front waiting area for other customers to wait while you are discussing your loan options with our staff.  These are the friendly and secure reasons The Gold Standard holds an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau of New York.

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 Why To Choose The Gold Standard Pawn Shop In Rego Park:

Other Rego Park pawn shopsmay not be able to give you top dollar loan on your gold or silver, however The Gold Standard has the best rates and prices in NY.  We have no hidden fees or minimum weight needed for you to get your loan today!  Top 4 reasons to get your cash loan with us:

  • You get cash on the spot for your precious valuables, no need for the hassle of check cashing
  • We can give you a loan for gold, silver, platinum, diamond jewelry, estate jewelry and watches including Rolex, Breitling, Cartier and more
  • We have loan periods of 4 months, with the option to extend up to a year
  • We have off site secured vault, with the guarantee of a safe return of your items

No Reason To Wait To Get Your Cash Loan

Come check out our Rego Park pawn shop location today, there is no need for you to procrastinate your shopping extravaganza or prolong the payment on your necessary bills.  The Gold Standard was ranked #1 “Best Pawn Shop” on Long Island in 2013 by the Long Island Press, one of many reasons is because we give all our referred, repeat and first time customers the best loan rates guaranteed, in New York!