Earn Cash For Hosting A GOLD Party!!!

Want to earn extra cash simply by throwing a party? Host a Gold Party with one of the top gold buyers in NY, The Gold Standard! You and your guests will make money while having a fun party! Gold Party hosts earn 10% on ALL gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, watches, coins, etc. sold during the party. PLUS, we’ll give you an extra $75 for food & drinks!

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Our friendly staff will weigh each guest’s gold and pay everyone on the spot!
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Hosts Earn Top Dollar For Hosting The Party!
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How To Host a Gold Party with The Gold Standard

Not sure how a Gold Party works? Not to worry! Gold Parties are similar to “Tupperware” parties of the 80s, designer jean parties and jewelry buying parties. However, with Gold Parties, the host and the guests are able to MAKE money instead of SPENDING money. Here’s how you can get started on hosting your very own profitable and fun gold and jewelry selling party:

  1. Invite 10+ friends to your Gold Party at your home
  2. We send out personal invitations to you and your friends
  3. We provide $75 to spend on food and drinks
  4. Guests can bring in gold, silver, platinum, or diamond jewelry, watches, coins, bars and more!
  5. All items are tested on the spot and everyone is paid CASH!
  6. Host receives money for items they sell + 10% everything purchased that night!

Why Host A Gold Party with The Gold Standard?

The Gold Standard is one of the most reputable gold buyers throughout Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan. As a family owned business with over 75 years experience in the jewelry industry, we have the experience and knowledge to host a fun, profitable and successful gold and jewelry selling party.  Don’t get scammed with amateur gold party businesses, host your party with New York’s most dependable Gold Party provider. Hosting a Gold Party with us is easy. All you have to do is invite the guests and host the party at your home, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Our in-home gold and jewelry selling parties in NYC usually last about 2 hours. All types of jewelry, fine watches, flatware, coins, etc are appraised by a trained professional. Cash is paid on the spot at the end of the party. If you are interested in hosting a gold party in NY, either fill out the form on your upper right, or give one of our Gold Party Coordinators a call at (516) 513-0830. We’ll make sure you and your friends have an evening of fun!

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Schedule Your Gold Party Today – Get Ready For You & Your Friends to Have Fun & Earn $$!!